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  1. RivExcel Healthcare is not a Healthcare service provider.
  2. RivExcel Healthcare is not a hospital or medical facility.
  3. RivExcel Healthcare only facilitates access to quality healthcare and medical professionals.
  4. RivExcel does not give medical advice, medical therapy, conduct surgeries , carry out medical consultations or prescribe drugs.
  5. The information contained on the website and other channels belonging to RivExcel Healthcare is strictly for informational and educational purposes.
  6. RivExcel will not be liable for any damages if the information provided on its websites and other channels is taken to be sound medical advice.
  7. RivExcel Healthcare does not accept payment for medical treatments of any kind except in very rare situations where a mutual agreement has been entered into by all parties.
  8. RivExcel Healthcare cannot guarantee the success or failure of any medical procedure.
  9. RivExcel is committed to facilitating access to quality medical services by providing a holistic experience from the inquiry stage to the recovery stage.

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