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Mida is a World Leading Tour Booking Platform

Founded in 2003, Mida Travels, aims at providing our clients with a complete end to end booking solution, covering all aspects of your travel needs at an affordable price with pro-active customer service. We find the best prices and book them for you. We remain committed to our principles of giving individual and personalized services to each and every customer.

At Mida travels, we believe, that one’s journey should be as rewarding as the destination. As one of the leading DMC’s in Dubai, our team is dedicated to helping clients experience the Dubai in all its wonders. Whether you’re interested in exploring ancient Dubai or soaking up the sun on a sandy beach or experience the new wonders of Dubai, we work hard to create a custom travel itinerary that suits your needs.

We have been in the travel business since 2003 and have a massive amount of expertise to give our clients an amazing Getaway to Dubai. We are in constant pursuit to strive to prove why hiring an agency to plan your trip is always worth it.

There are some things technology cannot replicate, and personal touch is one of them. The Internet is a valuable resource, but it cannot replace the expertise, guidance and personal service of a travel agent. At a time when travelers are stressed out with hectic schedules, we, Mida travels, can offer all of the information which can save you valuable hours of surfing on the web. We can also offer insider tips, generally based on personal experience.


Prof. Nicandro


PROCEDURE: Lumbar microdiscectomy for the treatment of herniated disc and sciatic pain.

Dr. Mehmood Butt


PROCEDURE: Angiogram Procedure

Dr. Hena Kalam


PROCEDURE: Fibroids Treatment

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